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Muscadine-Scuppernong Grapes...

Everybody knows that the best grapes... make the best wines...

We harvest 130 tons of grapes here at our vineyard. Our grapes are in demand because it makes the best wine when mixed with other varietals or alone. We sell and ship our grapes to many other wineries all over the country. These grapes have been tested by Campbell College to produce the highest levels of Resveratrol, and other health enhancing anti-oxidants than any other grape. These grapes are highly sought after, not just for this reason, but also the flavor, richness, fruityness and volume of juice, makes this a good grape all around.

The winery has been in business since 1989, working the land and perfecting the wine. Our wine tasting hours are from 8:30 a.m. to dark:30 everyday, except Sunday, from 12 noon to dark:30. We ship our wines all over the country. Stop on by and visit a while. We entertain our customers with interesting snipets of history that goes well with the wine. My Daddy, Buddy Harrell, is the Vintner (above) and I'd say he knows just about everything about everything, especially WINE!

The Muscadine-Scuppernong grapes are native to this very region. Other regions are now attempting to grow these delicate to grow grapes, of which we offer consulting services and grape vine starts. Also contact us if you would like to purchase our grapes for consumption or production of the best wine.

Enjoy your wine, where ever you are, and where ever you go!

To your health!



Wisteria Inn

The vineyard land, was a deeded Land Grant from King Charles II to the Bennett Family in the 1800's.

Grapehouse Inn

Prince Charles will greet our guest visiting our wine tasting room...

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Mount Vernon White a medal winner...


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